French Manicure Powder Acrylic Nail Extension



Professional perfectly fine acrylic powder. Our color acrylic powders are rigorously tested to ensure you get the optimum color clarity, strength, retention, non-yellowing and non-bubbling consistency you need to create your most imaginative color acrylic nail enhancements.

The beautiful colors can make you feel the unparalleled beauty of youth. Use them to embellish your wonderful life, DIY your beautiful acrylic nails.Warm pastels for all seasons. We have every hue of spring, summer, autumn and winter for you to bloom something beautiful. Allow you to create a seductively deep and edgy look.

It is created with exact particle blend technology that gives you flawless consistent finish and superior adhesion. It has great work ability, which allows for a bubble free, even toned look. Nail acrylic powder is used with acrylic liquid monomer. Mix them together with a nail brush to start your nail art DIY, like nail extension or french nails, nail carving with other nail decoration. No need a UV/LED nail lamp to cure because they are fast-drying. It can be kept on your fingertips for more than 28 days. They canbond to the nails naturally and effectively prevent yellowing.