Chili Pepper Corer Seed Remover



The core remover is made of food-grade PP material, which is safe and hygienic. Easy to remove the core of fruits and vegetables. Wide is for large and the smaller is for small vegies. It helps you avoid hot pepper burns perfectly. No more tears and burns! Perfect to use for, paprika, jalapenos, cucumbers, tomatoes, chilis, and more.

Simple to use- Just insert, twist and pull to smoothly remove seeds, stems and cores without coring with a knife. Just that easily, and you can move on to make delicious creations like roasted peppers!

No need to use a knife, it can replace a knife to complete many tasks that are not easy to complete with a knife. Gently insert-rotate-pull out to remove the capsicum core. It is a practical kitchen tool, seed remover and seed digger. These core removers snap into together for easy storage in your kitchen. It is made of durable plas-tic and safe for dishwashers. It has a cute design and vivid color so that it can brighten your kitchen.