Car Scratch Remover Paste



✔️ Material: profiled wax.

✔️ Sponge size: 7cm*3cm*1.5cm

✔️ Ingredients: abrasive materials, surface active agent, filling agent.

✔️ Scope of application: automotive paint removal side of minor scratches.

Usage: for car scratch paint care.

Warning: This product is only suitable for repairing minor scratches on cars. Serious scratches are recommended to be dealt with in a car repair shop. Low-priced products do not accept malicious negative reviews.


  • First paint to clean and dry.
  • Squeeze a small amount onto the abrasives on the sponge.
  • Appropriate force sanding scratch site.
  • Until the scratches disappear or are shallow.
  • With a dry towel to clean the finish.

Package includes:

  • 1 abrasive (15g).
  • 1 sponge