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No Heat Hair Curler A new way of curling your hair without putting heat in your hair. Traditional heat styling methods can cause damage to hair over time, but these heatless hair curlers offer a healthier alternative, promoting stronger and healthier hair.

No Heat No Damage With this Heatless Hair Curler, you can DIY your hairstyle easily. Compared to traditional electric curlers, it is safer and won't damage your hair.

Soft &Comfortable Made of foam and cloth, wear-resistent and durable, can be reused for many times, it is soft and easy to fold.You won't feel uncomfortable using this curler when you're sleeping, and when you wake up, you'll get beautiful curls.

Easy to Use Before going to bed, just loop your hair around the arch like create a bun. You will get a perfect styling in the next morning.

Suitable for Most Hair Types It works on most types - including thin, medium, thick, curly, wavy and straight hair, not for short. You can use this curler in many scenarios, including sleeping, exercising, reading, cooking, watching TV, and so on.