Non-Slip Families Pad Play Cooling Mat Swimming Pool Inflatable Water Spray Pad Mat

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Larger Size, More Fun

Extend the diameter to 87 inch, so the splash pad accommodates several children of different ages, providing more room for kids and dogs to play and share the same fun. The splash pad's large size creates play space for parent-child play and summer outdoor activities in the backyard and lawn. 

Non-Slip Splash Pad
 Large splash pad features a nonslip texture on the backside to increase grip on the ground surface for increased safety. Let the kids and dogs enjoy the water at the same time will not slip and fall to ensure the safety of playing. Add a water slide to the splash pad pool, making it more exciting and interesting to slide and rush into the pool.

Durable and Safe Pad 
Built with 100% safe PVC material, the splash pad are BPA-free and phthalate-free, certified by CPC, CPSIA and ASTM, making it safe for kids and dogs to have fun on the mat. The thickened and reinforced surface thickness is 0.53mm and the bottom thickness is 0.48mm, so there is no need to worry about tearing or leaking.

Enjoyable Summer Time
 You don’t have to inflate a big swimming pool and wait long. The splash pad needs less water but creates more fun with water sprinkling all the time and the kids and dogs can enjoy frolicking. Cool down your sizzling hot summer days with water and fill kids' summertime with endless fun.

Effortless Installation
This large splash pad is super easy to install and takes only a few minutes to install. Raise or lower the spray height by increasing or decreasing water pressure. Adjust the water flow according to your preference. Always lay the splash mat on even ground or lawn for proper functioning.

Suitable for relaxing, gathering or celebration on the lawn, garden, swimming pool or beach. Using safe ink printing process, bright colors, use with confidence. Use thickened spiral interface, no water leakage, simple and convenient installation. With a large drainage hole and multiple suction holes, drainage is quick and convenient. Easy to Carry, the splash sprinkler pad can be folded, which is easy to transport, easy to store, so you can carry it with you.

Steps to Use
.Put the gasket on the connector
.Install the water pipe connector
.Connect water pipe on the mat
.Attach water pipe to the faucet and fill the water