Water Drops Anti Gravity Air Humidifier Diffuser



Unique Design The innovative design of our cool mist humidifier creates an anti-gravity visual effect, making the water droplets seem to flow upwards slowly, and adding a unique touch to your home or office. It has a full sense of technology and is perfect for reducing work pressure.

Smooth Sailing Humidiffer

Our Anti-Gravity Humidifier helps you to breathe easier and live a healthier life by providing relief from the dry air. With its brand-new top-fill design, which makes cleaning and refilling a pleasure, this cool mist humidifier produces fine mist. You'll feel as though you're in the center of nature, complete with a small water stream.

This room humidifier makes a great decoration for a bedroom or office.

Large Water Capacity With a 800ml water capacity, this small yet powerful humidifier can run for up to 8 hours without the need for frequent refilling. It is ideal for 31-40㎡ rooms, such as bedrooms, living rooms, baby rooms, offices, and plant rooms.

Enjoy the nighttime mist and get some snooze by using our cool mist humidifier.
You can sleep through the entire night without having to often refill your water in the tank. One of the best things you can do for your health is to get a personal humidifier for your bedroom, which you can also use this cute humidifier an aromatherapy diffuser.

Air humidifiers Anti Gravity Water Drop

Durable and Safe The intelligent power-off feature automatically shuts off the machine when the water level runs out, protecting the device and extending its use. Moreover, it has many intelligent features, such as a digital LED intelligent display screen that shows the real-time display time.

A Variety of Applications Our humidifier is easy to use with a button on the top of the machine. It has soft lighting and can be used for working, reading, spa, yoga, and sleeping, providing white noise when needed.

Easy to Use To use this humidifier, the lid should be unscrewed first to fill the tank with clean water. Then, connect the adapter to a USB port or a power source, and click the button to start producing fog. Ensure that there is enough water in the tank before use, and do not add alcohol perfume.

Break through the traditional
Anti-gravity black technology

As well as moisturizing,
Bring fun experience, add artistic sense to the desktop

Mute humidification
Sleep the whole night

From morning till night Quiet,
low noise and power

Double filter Secure in health

The first antibacterial filter element carries on the preliminary purification to the water quality

Smart LED display screen

Can display real-time time
temperature early know

One button switch design
Smart LED display screen

Can adjust the time in real time

Double power failure protection Effectively prevent dry burn

Water level detection and dry burn prevention sensor

Enjoy hydration throughout the day
Quietly humidify the skin all day long to keep it hydrated
Effectively increase room humidity
Moist space humidifier
8 hours of room
Dry space
air conditioner

The water ripples out of the fog mouth  
Quality detail design

Optimizing the ABS
Safe and durable material

Non-slip base  
Stable and hard to touch

TYPE - C interface
general international standards