Air Freshener Toilet Bowl Cleaner Flower Gel Aromatic Deodorant



Automatic Cleaning You only need to apply gel to the toilet or sink. When you wash the toilet or sink, the toilet gel will activate the cleaning foam, and then attach a layer of gel to the toilet to clean the remaining dirt and protect the glaze. Each flush emits a good smell, which can create a fragrant toilet environment every day.

Six Kinds of Fragrance Natural fragrance! We have ocean, lemon, lavender, cherry blossom, gardenia and sweet orange. There are 6 kinds of scents for you to choose. If the toilet is well ventilated or the toilet area is large, you may find the smell very light. You can add 2-3 toilet flower prints according to your preferences.


Cute Flowers Stamp The flower toilet gel will add some cuteness to the toilet.Please keep the toilet inner wall clean before you use the toilet flower gel stamp,then gently push the toilet bowl jelly flower to firmly stick on the inner wall. It can be used in toilets,urinals,sinks,etc.

Getting our 6 pcs toilet bowl gel stamp sets,you will get a fragrant toilet environment everyday.Every stamp could withstand 150 flushes. There are 72 stamps in a set, in total could be used 10800 times. The stamp will adhere to the surface of the toilet bowl for a long time, you can use the toilet normally without having to change it frequently. If you flushes water about 25 to 30 times a day, a set can last about 12 to 14.4 months (360 to 432 days)