Magical Tap Drink Dispenser



Free Your Hands !!!

 Free your hands, The milk dispenser can turn any beverage container into an easy-to-use magic milk tap dispenser without lifting heavy bottles. And fit most bottle mouths.


 No More Spills Drinks

For anyone who struggles to lift heavier and bigger bottles of drink, this Drink Dispenser is perfect. It also great for families with children, they will be able to drink without help. 

Designed with 3 layers of sealing, mouth diameter. The gallon milk dispenser fits most bottles and jugs, runs, . You can install it on milk boxes, cans, beer bottles, juice bottles to your cup.



Just put the juice dispenser for fridge for milk into the beverage bottle and adjust the length. Tighten the cap and press the trigger, press lightly to stabilize the water.

Safety Food Grade Silicone

Harmless and non-toxic. The wires are also wrapped in food-grade silicone and will not come into direct contact with liquids. In addition, it is easy to clean and is very durable.Undoubtedly a great helper in your daily life, making it easy to drink the drink you want.Can be used in the home, kitchen, office, school, picnic, holiday decoration, to facilitate your drinking water.




No Overflow & No Drip & No Need to Lift

The milk Dispenser is easy one hand use and the kids can help themselves. It can prevents spills, drips, and waste. Even children can easily operate it themselves without having to pick up the heavy drink container, and also use it with one hand.