Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser Sensor Foam

Standard A
Standard B 1PC


 Built-in sensitive infrared sensor, no need to touch the automatic soap dispense, just put your hand under the sensor to start the automatic foaming dispenser. When your hands are away from the sensor, the soap dispensing stops. You don’t need to touch the electric automatic foaming soap dispenser so as to avoiding cross-infection effectively. It has a capacity of 350ml , while the motion detector is swift and precise, activating in 0.2 seconds.

Wide Application
 Our hands free foaming soap dispenser not only can be filled with foam soap directly but also applicable to a variety of stickiness liquids, such as hand washing liquid, shower gel, detergent, shampoo, etc. Ordinary non-foaming hand sanitizer needs to be diluted 1:5 with water (hand sanitizer: water).Simple style design, easily integrated into any places such as kitchen sink, bathroom, hospital, hotel, clinic, office, etc.

Our automatic soap dispenser is made of waterproof high-quality and robust ABS material, has a matte finish, and is durable and environmentally-friendly, operates with infrared and PIR motion sensors.

This touchless soap dispenser features a rechargeable and low power consumption design, full recharge time about 2-3 hours, can be used continuously for up to 3 month. No need to purchase extra batteries for this hands-free soap dispenser, energy saving, environmental protection, affordable
 For a touch-less and hassle-free hand washing experience, this particular model is especially suitable.It is a portable automatic hand soap dispenser with its free-standing feature.