Vintage Octopus Stained Glass Mushroom Table Plant Lamp



Eye-catching Glow
Experience the warmth and care of a truly artistic and unique hand-made stained glass plant series table lamp, as the lampshades cast a warm and peaceful environment, gradually enveloping your space in a cozy ambiance.

Ambient Versatility
Grace your living room, bedroom, or dining room with this elegant stained glass lamp, instantly boosting your space's charm and providing broad use, even brightening a child's room.
Radiant Spectrum Centerpiece
Experience vibrant illumination filled with lively hues and captivating charm with our mesmerizing stained glass lamp, shaped like a mushroom that instantly elevates the aesthetic of your table setup.
Resilient & Bold Material
Revel in the long-lasting, unfading radiance of this stained glass lamp, meticulously fashioned from colored resin material for endurance, accompanied by a high-quality painted resin base that provides both sturdiness and elegance.
Exceptional Gifting Experience
Remarkable stained glass lamp for girlfriends' birthdays, colleagues' special moments, or festive occasions – a distinctive light of care that brilliantly brightens any space. Illuminate your dining room in vibrant colors with our stained glass plant series table lamp! Explore the exquisite design, ensuring long-time use. A captivating special gift to brighten up any space.

Material: Resin
Size: 15*15*20cm\5.9x5.9x7.87in