Rainbow Colorful Mink False Eyelashes

Code Color
3D132 White
3D132 Purple
3D36 Mint
3D76 Red
3D42 Purple Black
3D132 Blue
3D132 Mint
3D36 White
3D76 Blue
3D76 Orange
3D132 Brown
3D132 orange
3D37 light brown
3D36 light brown
3D132 Dark Brown
6DF06 Dark Brown
3D36 Dark Brown
3D78 Dark Brown
3D36 light purple
3D78 Brown
3D78 White
3D132 Red
3D36 Red


  •  High-quality eyelashes: These false eyelashes are made of imported high-grade fiber materials, just like real eyelashes. The soft headband is easy to adapt to various eye shapes. No need to curl the strap to achieve the best fit. Easy to wear and remove. The cotton band of colored eyelashes will not hurt your eyes.
  • Reusable & Cleanable: Our colored eyelashes can be used again and again when used correctly. With reasonable care, it can be reused 15 times.
  • 100% Handmade Cruelty Free: Each colored false eyelashes are purely handmade, soft and comfortable to wear, there are a variety of colored styles of false eyelashes in the store, and the ultra-thin fiber eyelashes can give you a natural look.
  • Perfect makeup: Colored lashes can be matched with different makeup hair color accessories and clothing, red, purple, green, yellow, white, brown false eyelashes, beautiful and moving. Colored false eyelashes will make your eyes very bright and charming, transform your eyes, large and thick eyelashes, create a perfect feeling.
  • Multifunctional Use: Multiple colors of false eyelashes can be widely used in various occasions, especially holiday parties, travel makeup, selfies, cosplay parties or DIY doll makeup. Halloween costumes, Easter, makeup contests, beauty classes/schools/universities, Christmas parties, nightclubs, parties, outdoor activities, creative photography...