Bodysuit Waist trainer Shapewear fajas



When you're six weeks in you're ready to start wearing casual clothes. That's why stage two fajas are easier to completely hide with casual clothing while at the same time giving your body a snatched figure. We chose an ultra-fabric that feels and looks luxurious, bright, and dazzling.

Our Snatched Body Faja brings added breast support for those that got work done like breast augmentation. Get all the compression benefits for better-sculpted breast support. Added foam on the shoulder straps, so there is no pressure or pain! You'll forget you have a faja on.

Tailor-made for sculpting a smaller waist while providing enough ample room for fuller and more plump hips... just picture the perfect compression technology for a truly jaw-dropping Brazilian butt lift.

Since bbl's consist of lipo 360, or complete sculpting of the back and midsection. We added an extra layer of compression that helps with maintaining a posture.Not to mention now you also can control your compression level. 
Go to the bathroom without having to take off your faja! There's an added easy bathroom access zipper. No need to take it off and putting it back on for every bathroom trip.