Colorful Glitter Eyelash Extensions Fashion

18mm|Glitter Eyelash
8mm|Glitter Eyelash
9mm|Glitter Eyelash
10mm|Glitter Eyelash
11mm|Glitter Eyelash
12mm|Glitter Eyelash
13mm|Glitter Eyelash
14mm|Glitter Eyelash
15mm|Glitter Eyelash
17mm|Glitter Eyelash
16mm|Glitter Eyelash


Eye Catching Colors: the glitter lash extensions come in bright colors, which the bright and shiny design can better decorate your eyes, make them more attractive; If you like a shiny style, these eyelashes are nice for you.

Stable Curl Properties: the glitter lashes each are doubly heated during the making process to keep it curly, so that they are resistant to distortion under proper care, and remain curly and waterproof for a relatively long time.

Easy to Use: these glitter eyelash extensions can be easily removed from the tray, saving you a lot of time and effort; Even if you are a beginner, you can make an eyelash fan to make your eyes more beautiful.

Quality and Reliable: these colored lash extensions are made of quality fiber and glitter powder materials, comfortable to use, which will not hurt your eyes and give you a nice use experience.

Wide Range of Applications: these colored eyelashes are not only suitable for personal use at home, but also for parties, weddings, beauty salons, makeup artists, Halloween, Christmas and other proper occasions to make you shine.