Cotton Wrap Sling Baby Infant Newborn Carries Safety Ring Kangaroo Bag



0 - 36 Month of Age
Baby sling carrier has adjustable function for height, You can adjust the length of shoulder straps according to your baby's different growth stages. Suitable for babies and children. The shoulder has padding for added comfort.


Quick In and Out
You can put your baby in the baby carrier within 10s. No more messing about and struggling to get your child situated in a carrier, avoid children crying in the waiting process. Please hold the child's back with one hand for safety.


Convenient for Breastfeeding
This baby nursing carrier sling also a small nursing cover breastfeeding, You can breastfeed while wearing it without taking your baby out of the wrap. Baby nursing sling carrier enables you to keep your little one close to your heart.


Soft Breathable
Enjoy the soft touch of the natural cotton fabric. Baby carrier sling fabric is breathable, soft. Perfect for moisture wicking, absorbs sweat for extra comfort even in hot Summer.


Easy to Go Ou
With toddler carrier sling, you can pamper your little one on a busy day, even going shopping, traveling, camping. This baby sling is very light, and it only takes up a small space of diaper bag.


Cotton Wrap Sling Baby Carries Newborn Safety Ring Kerchief Baby Carrier Comfortable Infant Kangaroo Bag