LED Light Desktop Air Humidifier Cooling Fan



The latest personal air conditioner integrates a desk fan, air cooler, Mini Humidifier and is equipped with LED Atmosphere light, which can meet your needs of temp lowering. Portable air conditioner, suitable for small rooms.Pour water into ice or pour ice into a water tray.  
The Ice Mist Fan also functions as an air humidifier, infusing the air with moisture to combat dryness and enhance the overall quality of the atmosphere.
Experience the ideal blend of cooling and fresh air flow.

Fast Cooling It rapidly lowers the temperature of the nearby atmosphere, providing instantaneous relief from intense heat. Just add ice and water.


Stay away from hot dry air, blow moist cool air to your face and enjoy all-around cool summer. The plug-in design provides you with a breeze than the USB air cooler. Needn't worry about battery damage anymore.

Our personal air cooler is less noisy than normal AC air cooler, suitable for most people (Depends on person‘s perception of noise). The low noise and 2/4-hrs timer air cooler allow you to experience the coolness and sleep peacefully even on a midsummer night. Don't worry about staying cool all night causing a cold. The lightweight cooling fan and soothing night light make it ideal for a comfortable sleep all night.