Manual Fruit & Vegetable Machine Peeler

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The latest multifunctional vegetable chopper and slicer chop, dice, slice or grate! This vegetable chopper is a practical kitchen tool, the vegetable chopper offers multiple functions in one highly versatile kitchen gadget. The Onion Chopper is made of top quality materials such as high quality stainless steel blades and food grade materials. The vegetable chopper can cut most types of vegetables and fruits. Using high quality ABS material, environmental protection and pollution-free, stainless steel blade material, sharp and strong, can help you quickly peel the apple. Safe, fast and easy!

The blade is easy to disassemble, and it is convenient to clean thoroughly, just scrape the residue on the platen and the blade with a claw and a brush. The right kitchen accessories make your life easier - that's why our vegetable slicers, dicers, choppers are fast and easy to clean, Do not place the blades randomly, after rinsing and drying, collect the blades in a container.

The vacuum rubber suction base is firmly fixed on a smooth or non-porous surface. Be sure to press firmly on the base of the peeler before flicking the lever to suck it onto the table. Easy to operate: Fix the apple to the needle, turn the handle, and the stainless steel blade will automatically peel the apple. Turn the knob and enjoy your apple in 5 seconds! 

 Easy to disassemble and assemble: the blade is removable, easy to clean, manual peeler, more convenient to peel. The blade has a cover to keep it clean and hygienic, and to prevent contact injury.  Easy to clean: rinse the whole body with water.

Multifunctional: Our hand peeler is a rare multifunctional tool in the kitchen that can be given to friends or family as a housewarming, Mother's Day or Christmas gift.