Nano Tape Double-sided Paste Blowing Bubble Decompression Toy sticker



New way to play
This Double Sided Tape set perfectly inherits the advantages of ordinary nano glue with strong adhesion and double-sided stickiness. We get new ideas on this basis and turn it into a fun toy for playing with family, friends and classmates at home, school or park.

This nano tape bubbles balloon is great for all children and adults to relieve stress and anxiety. In this fast-paced life, focus your attention while playing with these little bubbles and fully tap into your creativity to create personalized designs and shapes.


Nano Tape Bubbles
 A perfect set of materials to give full play to your imagination and satisfy your many creative ideas.

Safe materials
 nano tape bubbles kit for kids colorless, tasteless, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, safe for both adults and children, so that everyone can safely use.


DIY Nano Tape Kit
 you can blow them up with straws! There are also beautiful laser stickers for you to choose from. Can be used creatively to make many different shapes, you can make bubbles, cream boxes, air cubes, and even water balloons.