Paint Brush Cleaner Washing Machine Bucket



Lightweight and Solid The Brush cleaner weighs only 0.4 pounds and made of sturdy plastic, this rinser is firm and portable, and you can send it to your kids without soiling your desk and hands! 

Economic and Environmental Protection A small amount of water is discharged each time. After a cleaning, you can press the button lightly and prepare for the next cleaning. It cleans brushes completely and saves water.

 Brush Rinser painting It has a 250ml water tank which allows about 50 times cleaning. 

paint brush rinser with drain

Special Design Just press the switch and place the brush on the tray. The washer will automatically wash your brush with water. The effluent is stored in the bottom storage box for easy replacement.


Good Gifts  Perfect Gifts for painters or students who paint in the classroom, art studio, home and outdoors, great for watercolor, tempera, gouache and acrylic painting brushes cleaning.