Salt Stone Crystal air humidifier Lamp

Plug Type


Himalayas Crystal Salt Stone

Crystal salt stones are derived from the Himalayas and can release negative ions, prevent radiation, prevent moisture, purify the air, improve sleep, relieve stress, and enhance brain awareness.


Nano Spray

 Large spray volume, faster humidification, 360ml water tank capacity, sustainable spraying for 9 hours, longer spraying, wireless use, can be used in any scene: home, office, school, travel.


Create the Perfect Home Conditions for Your Family & Breathe Easily, Starting Today

Its quiet operation lets you study, meditate, read, sleep, care for your baby or do any activity with no noise distractions. The desk humidifier is perfect for overnight use in babies’ & kids’ room where total serenity is a must.

This himalayan salt stone lamp diffuser creates the ideal air quality in your bathroom, bedroom or any room around the house, and you would enjoy every minute of your routine.


Soft Night Light

 Crystal Salt Stone Night Light has two lighting modes: warm light and colorful light. Give you peace of mind in the dark. The surface of the lamp is covered with high-quality aromatherapy cotton pads, dripping fragrance, and wishing you a good night's sleep.

Quiet Operation & Low Noise Creative Kettle Humidifier operates with less than 30dB of noise and won't disturb your bedtime, work or study. The ideal humidifier for home and office.

Use Instructions Before use, please check if the cotton swab and spring are installed properly, make sure the spring is directly under the cotton swab. Please add tap water into the tank, and soak the cotton swab fully. It is recommended to change the Filter Stick(cotton swab) every three month. Do not add essential oils in water.