Skin Exfoliating Shower Sponge



3D Massage Body Scrub Sponge

Quick Exfoliation without Body Wash
Deeply exfoliating, removing dead skin and dirt, no body wash is needed, no chemicals, no irritation or damage to the skin. It is fully elastic and can deform freely, improving cleaning efficiency and effect.
Super Soft & Painless

Dead Skin Remove Shower Sponge

Durable & Reusable

It will become soft after soaking when exposed to water and it will harden after drying. We suggest you rinse it completely and hang it to dry after every use to keep it clean. Ultra Soft Bath Body Shower Sponge comes with a self-adhesive hook and hanging rope for easy drying, no mildew or bacteria breeding, and can be reused indefinitely.

How to Use

Super Large Size

7 * 14 * 3cm, Fits for Adults / Kids. Our premium bath sponges are larger than ordinary ones to cover a larger body area and more efficient to use. It is soft-touch and full of elasticity, real painless exfoliation, revealing healthy and radiant skin.You just soak for a while in the water, don't use soap, scrub your body with water with a sponge, and your skin will feel moist and smooth after use. It is a must-have item for your bathroom.

 Made with soft PVA material. Its super soft and delicate surface is quite suitable for children’s delicate skin, achieving real painless rubbing. Deeply clean the skin and restore healthy, beautiful skin. Perfect for the whole family and for all skin types. The exfoliating bath sponge is made of soft materialThis 3d bath sponge shower brush is perfect for adults and children for a truly painless rub. The shower sponge can deeply cleanse the skin and restore healthy and beautiful skin.

The blue exfoliating sponge hardens when dry and can be soaked in water to soften before use. The dead skin sponge comes with a lanyard, rinse thoroughly after each use and hang to dry to keep it clean.


Made with soft, cushiony sponge material, this bathing sponge is perfect for both adults and children and even helps bathe babies from faces to toes. Natural cleaning to keep your skin soft, radiant, and healthy.


The fiber of the sponge can gently massage the skin to remove dirt, improve your blood circulation and skin health. By using the soft bath sponge with your favorite gel, body wash, or shampoo, you can enjoy a spa experience at home.


3d sponge, soft in water, can be twisted out at will, the lanyard design can be freely hung, soft and elastic to the touch, and can be freely deformed to improve cleaning efficiency and effect, revealing healthy and radiant skin.


When filled with warm water and soap, it'll glide across your skin just fine. Our body sponges for showers are large in size and can hold a lot of water and foam, so they can produce richer foam compared to other bath sponges and minimize the amount of body wash you need. Sponge fiber also gives your skin such natural luster that you always want regularly exfoliate.

  • Type: Brush
  • Application: Body
  • Use: Cleaning
  • Product: Bath Ball/Bath Sponge/Bath Flower
  • Material: Sponge
  • body cleaning sponge: Bath Ball/Bath Sponge/Bath Flower
  • Foot brush: Sponge for washing
  • body wash: Washcloth for shower
  • Wisp for the body: bath brushes