Fragrance Romantic Scented Handmade Candles

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Aromatherapy candles are designed to fill your house with aroma; we use the highest quality essential oils to add those beautiful fragrances to your house. Full of sweet lemon, lavender, rose, jasmine, vanilla, bergamot. All natural organic soy wax candles can provide you with a burning time of more than 55 hours; soy wax has the characteristics of clean and slow burning, which can slowly release a pleasant aromatic oil, thereby maintaining the fragrance. This candle is not only beautiful and decorative, but also non-toxic, it can be burned safely at home. Give yourself or someone you love pure sweetness.

Use: Birthdays, Weddings, Religious Activities, Parties, Votive Candle, Home Decoration, Holiday, Bars, Yoga and Meditation, Other

Occasion: Christmas, Diwali, Back to School, Father's Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Chinese New Year, Wedding, New Year, Valentine's Day, Graduation, April Fool's Day, Halloween, Mother's Day, RAMADAN, Earth Day, Other

Usage: Home Decor

Capacity: 100ml/250ml

 Function: Air Fragrance Freshening