Magnetic Quick Fill Reusable Silicone Water Bomb Balloons Instant Pool Toys

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Reusable & Eco-Friendly

 We all know that the worst bit of traditional water balloon is finding bits of latex in the garden for days later. Is there a better alternative to the disposable water balloon? -Yes, Reusable water balloon without plastic waste! It makes from premium latex-free silicone and features the latest upgraded magnet closure technology to ensure safe and joys, and thanks to the durable silicone, the water ball can be reused for years.

Self-Sealing & Award-Winning Design

 For its innovative and unique design, Our Reusable Magnetic Water Balloon is the Winner of the German Red Dot Design Award. The magnet closure design is what makes these balloons instantly seal shut when filled. Backyard battles will be more fun than ever with these reusable water bombs. Just 1 second quick fill, the water balloons fight turn into a really extended outdoor activity and take the tedious work of filling the balloons out of the equation and leave the fun for you!


Let the Summer Fun Water Joys Begin

No summer day is complete without days spent in the water balloons fight games. Whether at backyard, pool parties, beach games, water polo fighting games are always the best option for outdoor activities. Without having to keep buying again and again, you can reuse these water balls over 1,000 times. Instead of running out of balloons in 5 minutes with traditional water balloons. These reusable water balloons are the exact opposite - less money to cost and more times to play. Just get them and enjoy water balloons fights every summer as a kid.

Easy to Use & No Hurt On Impact

 Just open and pop in a bucket and done, even your little one who hasn’t developed the finger dexterity quite yet can enjoy the water bomb. Thanks to the magnets being embedded inside the silicone rim rather than outside, getting hit by this water bomb is completely safe and pain-free. Parents will be relieved to see this water toy keep kids entertained.


The Must-Have Toy of Summer

 The water balloons are a good size plus they feel soft , and they come with a handy drawstring bag to help you carry them and store them for the next use. All of that also make this water toy a perfect gift for kids and also for adults. People all like that they are soft, durable, reusable, and easy to store away. Get a set and you will over the moon with the results.


Variety of Scenarios

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