Dental Powerful Water Jet Teeth Whitening Machine



Teeth are not in order

People with teeth that are not in order will have difficulties in brushing their teeth. These misaligned teeth will hide any food residue easily. They need to consider using the oral irrigator or teeth flusher as an additional tool for brushing their teeth. Any food residues left around the teeth have nowhere to hide. It is very easy to clean misaligned teeth by using this type of oral irrigator.

Periodontal disease patients

Good oral hygiene procedure is proven to be very effective to support the success of periodontal issue treatment. Any periodontal disease patients should consider using a combination of teeth flushing and brushing for cleaning their teeth completely. A good flushing device can be used to reduce the bleeding and gum index around their teeth. It can be a perfect cleaning tool during the periodontal maintenance procedure.

  • Effective & Convenient Teeth Cleaner: Cordless water pick is equipped with the world-leading powered motor to provide 1400-1800 times/minute high-pressure water pulse,0.6mm water flow, and 30-110 PSI strong water pressure The 0.6mm water flow can accurately clean the dental crevices and oral dead corners, and easily take away the bacteria and food residues in the gingival crevices, plaque remover for teeth.

  • Three Mode & Auto-Timer Protect: Normal, Soft, and Pulse Modes With for water pick. Choose the Most Comfortable Mode That Suits Your Needs. Soft Mode Is Recommended for First-Time Using. AUTO-STOP Protect: Stop running automatically after two minutes of work.


  • Portable & Long Battery Life: Dental floss picks with the Portable Size and Lightweight, It’s Brings Great Convenience to Your Travels. Adopt the Latest Technology Lithium Battery of More Sufficient Power. Power-Saving Improve 10%. The Powerful Lithium Battery Is able to be Used Continuously for 20 Days Once Fully Charged in Just 4 hours. No Hassle to Charge Frequently.

  • IPX8 Waterproof Design:  Dental tools designed with internal and external double IPX8 waterproof protection. safer to use for showering in the bathroom. The container does not leak while using(benefit from the exclusive patented internal leak-proof drain and detachable design).

  • 360° Rotatable Nozzle: Electric toothbrush is 360° rotatable nozzle design that helps you clean every corner of your mouth, such as gaps between teeth, inside teeth, and gingival sulcus. Gravity ball design, no matter what angle of use, can continue to discharge water to ensure the cleaning effect.