Santa Claus Garland Snowman Elk String Light Christmas Tree Decor

Code Color
Snowman Garland
Santa Claus Garland
Gift Garland
Tree Garland
Elk Garland
Snowflake Garland
Crutch Garland
Black 1
Black 2
Black 3
White 4
White 5
Red 1
Black 4
White 6
Red 2
Red 3
Red 4
Red 5


 Light Christmas Tree Decor Hanging Pendant Led Light Window Grille Paper Lantern Wedding Party Home Garden Stars Lampshade Decor. Their sizes allow them be overlapped one by one for facilitate storage, carry and space-saving. It goes well with most decor style and is a fabulous addition to Christmas party celebration. It adds a festival spirit to Christmas. Wishing you have all the Christmas blessings.

Size:As the picture