Shape Wear Bandage Wrap Trimmer Belt Waist Trainer Corset



It has only one size, it can cover your whole tummy and stomach region and can fit most body types. Plus, our waist trainer wrap has passed over 10,000 times elastic tests, you will not need to worry about the quality. You can adjust the tightness according to your needs freely.

Wrap is made of 35% Latex and 65% Polyester, With the 8 pieces segmented velcros design can strong wrap around your waist property and firmly flatten the abdomen and smooth out backrolls. It will give you a comfortable and breathable elastic and help you to smooth out all your excess fat, and also prevent bulging. It is aslo friendly for sensitive skin. Wearing our snatch trainer wrap will make you slimmer than you ever thought possible!

The tummy control design sculpts and accentuates your curves by tucking your stomach and supporting your lower back. It eliminates the cellulite faster 2-3 times than usual in each workout! Our waist trainer wrap will help you to more easily to burn calories in fitness, daily wear, or in the office. to help you firm up your waist and tone your upper body to gain snatched waist. You will gain the perfect shape in the training.

Our Corset waist trainer can shape your back , give you back support to help you sit up straight and improve your posture, relieve back discomfort, and to some extent it can replace your back brace. If you sit or stand for long periods of time, wearing a corset waist trainer to improve your posture can be very beneficial. But when you first start wearing waist trainers, it's important to do it slowly. Wear your waist trainer for 30 minutes a day and gradually increase the time. 

Our Corset waist trainer is suitable for daily wear as well as exercise, fitness and postpartum restoration. Corset waist trainer doesn't bulge, it wraps so seamlessly that no one will notice you're wearing a waist trainer for women when you wear it under your clothes. You can also wear it whenever you want to exercise, take it to the gym or run outside. It can help you speed up belly fat burning and break out in a sweat 2-5 times faster during each workout!