Nose Up Lifting Shaper Clip Corrector


"This Nose Up Clip Corrector is made of high-quality polypropylene material and is hand crafted for effective results. Use it to shape, lift, and slim your nose for a more defined look. Say goodbye to uneven or crooked noses with this easy-to-use massager tool."

With this simple but medically advanced tool, you can turn your nose into a beautiful, slender, straight nose
You only need to wear it for 30 minutes every day, and you may find that within about 1-2 months, your nose has become the shape you want
Shape the nose according to physical principles, ensuring a safe and harmless body
Easy to wear and use

Material: Polypropylene
Manufacturing Process: Hand Made

Specifications: Transparent (double headed), Transparent (single headed), Pink

Instructions for use:
Step 1. Before use, clean the nose lifting silicone pad and remove makeup. (Surface grease may cause sliding.)
Step 2.pull out the clip towards our nose and fix it on the bridge of the nose.
Step 3. By pressing the upper stainless steel wire until it fits, the tightness can be adjusted.
Step 4. Set an alarm clock for approximately 15 to 30 minutes, during which you can do anything you like, such as watching TV, shopping online, and so on.
Step 5. After the wearing time is over, remove and wash with clean water to remove the grease secreted by the nose. Prepare for next use.