Car Rearview Mirror Waterproof Window Film Stickers



✅ Safe driving

This car rearview mirror film has good transmittance, anti-fog, anti-glare, waterproof, rainproof and other functions, providing you with security and clear vision, ensures the safety of driving in rainy days, make your life safe and convenient.


✅ Lasting to use

Made of PET protective films and nano adhesive layer, water droplets can spread quickly, no dew condensation and good transparency, can prevent strong light reflection, reduce dazzle light, relax visual fatigue, see more clearly even for strong light at night.


✅ Drive Safer

Get better and clearer side view when driving on heavy rainy days

✅ See clearer

Repel the water on the mirror and window to give better view when it rains dogs and cats

✅ Easy to install

Use the clean cloth in the package to clean the dust and dirt on the mirror, and sprinkles some water or spray some alcohol before applying the rearview mirror film, use the scraper to clean the water and air inside when applying the film, avoiding bubble appearance.


✅ Irregular shape mirror film

These car rearview mirror films come with 2 pieces Irregular shape films, which can nicely attach to your car and fit your rearview mirror better, you can cut it to wanted size or shape to DIY your own car rearview mirror films.
Size: 340 x 160mm
Color: Transparent
Material: PET