EMS BBL buttock lifter Massage Fitness



You can have the fit body of your dreams with 6 minutes of consistent daily use!

Getting a toned butt and building glutes has never been easier. With this butt lifter, you can get the perfect BBL without going to the gym. It creates a deep and comfortable contraction that targets all your muscles and effectively sculpts your butt. This machine works and strengthens all butt muscles at the same time. Now you can get a BBL without a BBL!

Exercise anytime, anywhere

The device is very convenient and easy to use with push button operation. The wireless, thin and light design wears inconspicuously under clothing, allowing you to exercise easily even on the go. Exercise while reading a book, watch TV, do housework, take a walk, stay at home, work, go on a business trip, or even take a vacation. The device has shown positive results in improving and shaping not only the buttocks but also the thighs. It can relieve muscle pain and make muscles contract and relax rhythmically just like electric massage.

The Healthy and Easy Way to Earn BBL

Tone Enhances & Firms - This machine produces deep yet comfortable contractions that effectively target all your muscles while delivering an effective workout in as little as 10-20 minutes.

Reliable and Effective

 EMS has been used by physiotherapists and rehabilitation specialists in the medical and sports industries for decades. We want to make you feel comfortable on your own time.

Full Body Shaping

 This machine shapes your entire body and our simple design allows you to apply it to any body part you want! This is great for toning your glutes, abs, arms, legs and calves!

Advanced EMS Technology

 The machine produces slow electrical pulses that cause your muscles to contract and relax. When you exercise your muscles naturally, these impulses mimic the actions of your central nervous system.

EMS biological microwave pulse

Using EMS biological micro wave impulses that effectively stimulate and strengthen glute muscles, this advanced hip trainer tones and shapes your buttock to get them bikini-ready for summer! Designed for you to save time and effort on hip exercises, you can now achieve that firm, plump, and round booty easily

Model diversification

With 6 stimulation modes and 10 intensity levels to choose, it lifts, firms, pumps, and relieves hip muscles to help you achieve a more beautiful, healthy physique. Features U-shaped design with skin-friendly adhesive tape that stays securely on your hips, you can train them while lying, sitting, and anytime you want!

Easy to Adjust from Easy to Hard Level
  6 Use Modes and 10 Optional Exercise Levels effectively exercise the Abdomen, Waist, Arms and Legs and other parts. A better figure after consecutive use of this product for about 3 months.