Make Up Remover Cleansing Balm



Makeup removal Makeup Cleansing Balm can quickly and effectively melt off makeup, Clean dirt and oil inside the pores and restore skin clarity.

Moisturizing and nourishing Makeup Cleansing Balm contains multiple moisturizing and nourishing ingredients, which help nourish skin and moisturize while removing makeup, to keep the skin hydrated and healthy.


Clean after a simple wash Makeup Cleansing Balm does not need to be deliberately emulsified, no need for secondary cleansing, just wash with plenty of warm water.

Soft and waxy textures The texture of this Makeup remover balm is soft and waxy, gives your skin a silky touch like the melting snow, gentle without hurting the skin.

Safe ingredients Makeup Cleansing balm does not contain minerals, alcohol, artificial colors, and it can also be suitable for sensitive and acne-prone skin.