Slimming Shaping Skipping Yoga Sports Sweat Belt



Exercise Fitness Sweat belt

Waist trainer for women is made of high quality material, having flexible elasticity, high elongation, strong durability, and high compression for tummy and waist. Lightweight, smooth and breathable fabric contours our body perfectly without any restriction during activities, meanwhile comfortable to wear for all day. Plus, it features a pocket to keep your phone safe and secure.


This  is specially designed to effectively enhance tummy tuck effect, like a weight loss girdle easily wrap the waist & abdomen with high compression, hold stomach in, hide the bumps and bulges on both sides to slim waist, shape hourglass figure instantly.

Featured with a heat-gathering layer, the Slimming Belt can help intensify sweating during workouts, thereby helping to achieve a waist-sculpting effect.

Tummy Control & Belly Fat Burner

This slimming body shaper provides firm control on midsection, tighten flabby skin, hide love handles, make our waist look like snatched! The Belt slimming and shaping works like waist trimmer belt to help us increase temperature of waist & abdomen & back, sweat 3 times more and accelerate fat burning during exercise. Wearing this waist Belt for postpartum recovery and weight loss to achieve better result faster, you won't regret it!

The Waist Trimmer Belt is elastic for easy adjustment. At the same time, it is equipped with magic tape, which can be firmly fixed to prevent it from falling off easily.


This Belt will provide enough support for waist & back, help relieve back pain, protect lumbar spine, improve posture, keep you sit/stand straighter, make you look more elegant.

This exercise fitness slimming shaping skipping yoga sports sweat belt is the perfect choice for your work out needs. Made with a heat-gathering layer, the belt is designed to increase sweat production and enhance waist-sculpting results while keeping your phone secure.


This Belt is long enough for lower belly fat, gently lift up bust, remarkably shape natural attractive body curves invisibly under clothes, help us get into skinny jeans more easily and look better with dress on. This Belt shapewear also can work as postpartum belly band, post surgical compression garment, sweat waist trainer. Suitable for gym, running, yoga, aerobics, walking dogs, driving, shopping, party, wedding, office. This belt is lightweight and foldable, so it is very portable. You can easily carry it for travel use.