Lazy Heatless Rod Gel Beads Hair Curler



DAMAGE FREE LOW HEAT GEL CURLER Save time and prevent damage! The Jelly Curls works the same way as a traditional overnight sleep styler kit that uses heatless curlers for long hair, but instead delivers a steady supply of low non-damaging heat, speeding up the curling process to a fraction of the time.

EFFORTLESS SALON-STYLE CURLS IN ABOUT AN HOUR No more using overheated styling tools & appliances which risk damaging hair... No more pain & discomfort from non heat hair curlers to sleep in... Now you can achieve stunning, photoshoot worthy curls in just 45-90 minutes with the GelCurler hair curling wrap!


FAST-ACTING MICROWAVE SAFE DESIGN - More comfortable than a silk heatless hair curler headband, less time consuming, and much faster acting. All you have to do is microwave the Jelly Curls for around 30 seconds, apply it to your hair, then relax as the heated gel beads do the rest!

HANDS-FREE TIME-SAVING STYLING TOOL  You'll love being able to go about your routine while WE work on the curl, saving you 30-40 minutes per day. Imagine making breakfast, doing your makeup, driving to work/school, or getting ready to go out at night... all while your hair curls gorgeously with no effort!


GOOD FOR HAIR, GOOD FOR THE PLANET The most sustainable curler on the market is here! When microwaved for 30 seconds, the Jelly Curls uses 20x less energy than a 200W curling iron used for 45 minutes. The gel beads are nature friendly and safe, minimizing physical waste vs. traditional heatless hair curlers or metal curlers.