24K Gold Moisturize Shrink Pore Face Serum



✅ Basic Skin Care
After cleansing, take a few drops to the palm of your hand , apply evenly on your face, gently apply the serum. massage gently with to your face your fingertips to help absorption and then apply skin care products. With Lotion And Cream. After cleansing, add the essence to the cream and apply evenly on the face to improve the absorption of the product.

✅ Match Makeup
Serum is added to makeup products to make the makeup look more fit and mild. Add to Face Moisturizing Mask. Apply serum evenly on the face before you using the mask improve the dry skin and promote the absorption of the mask essence.
✅ This essence contains
 hyaluronic acid, niacin-amide, glycerin and 24K gold skin care ingredients.


✅ Mildly relieve skin, moisturizing nourish, build skin protective screen lock-water mildly, improve the elasticity, the formula is mild and stable.

After use, the skin is delicate and moisturized, moist and smooth.
✅ The essence contains gold foil to improve skin activity, increase skin elasticity, and not relax.

✅ Hyaluronic acid, deep moisturizing, lock moisture
✅ Niacin-amide, which removes harmful free radicals from the skin and brightens skin tone. Glycerin, balance skin oil.

Product Specifications
Ingredient: Hyaluronic acid, 24K gold, glycerol xanthin gum, Nicotinamide
Net wt: 15 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml.
Skin Suitable: for all skin.