Lip Balm Aloe vera Changable Color Lipstick



Aloe Vera Lipstick

This Lip Balm Aloe vera Changable Color Lipstick provides a unique warmth sensation that instantly adds a vibrant hue to the lips. Enriched with nourishing organic botanicals, the balm helps maintain the softness and health of your lips.

Gentle Ingredients

Boasting high-quality aloe, this color changing lipstick nourishes and moisturizes your lips to perfection. The mild, non-irritant formula is suitable for all skin types.

Essence Care

Lip gloss contains pure natural plant extracts: Aloe Vera gel extract moisturizes and lightens lips; Inca seed oil promotes collagen growth and repairs lips; Coconut oil locks in moisture for long-lasting hydration. Organic botanicals effectively protect and nourish your lips.


Magic Temperature Change

Aloe vera lip balm has a magical color changing function that automatically changes color according to your body temperature and the pH value of your lips, the higher the body temperature the more obvious the color change, giving your lips a distinctive lip style and shaping your own color.


Moisturizing Formulation

Aloe vera gel is rich in moisturizing factors, locking moisture to prevent loss, giving lips sufficient moisture, long-lasting moisture, care around the lips, reduce the fine lines, prevent peeling, keep lips hydrated and tender at all times.


Perfect Gift

Aloe vera lipstick is lightweight, easy to apply, waterproof, and suitable for all kinds of people. It is the perfect gift for mom, girlfriends and friends for Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthday parties, prom and other occasions.