360°Rotation Auto Face Tracking Tripod Smart Shooting Phone Holder



 Smart Auto Tracking 

Cell phone stand, adopt an AI camera, which can automatically track face, movement and full body tracking,. It supports horizontal and vertical tracking modes, so that all lenses focus on you, freeing your hands, and making live broadcasting easier. Just press the power key for 3 seconds to open this smart phone bracket, and it will automatically detect rotation within 3 seconds.


No App, No WiFi, No Bluetooth.Smart Live Streaming

No App, No WiFi, No Bluetooth, In the tracking mode, the auto tracking tripod will recognize your face or body and perform 360° horizontal rotation to follow you to record videos, live streaming, or video calling. This smart phone holder is so great for Youtuber, Vlog shooting, Live Stream, Family gatherings, Speeches.

S. Our auto tracking phone hold is use for Youtube, Tik Tok lives or vlog shooting and more. Not for high-speed sport, please do not move too fast.

Auto Face Tracking Holder with Strong Compatibility

The automatic face tracking bracket has strong compatibility. The face tracking camera bracket is compatible with a variety of live broadcast and photography software, and is suitable for iPhone or Android systems. You can record Vlog, live Facebook and videos at any time.

360° Auto Tracking Smart Shooting Holder and Gimbal Stabilizer

Selfie stick for iphone 360° all-round auto face tracking following the movement of your face, face tracking support up-down tilt 30° flip, providing stable shooting and video quality.

Smart holder for phone with the universal interface

The auto face tracking phone holder base is equipped with a 1/4-inch universal interface, which is the connection for mobile phone holders and camera tripods.  Applicable to live broadcast/teaching/meeting minutes.

Easy installation

 just connect three parts, and then ensure that the camera lens, the middle bulge and the smartphone camera are in the same direction. Then connect to the charging cable.