Follow Up 360° Rotation Selfie Stick Tripod Stabilizer Holder



AI Camera


This professional auto face tracking camera gimbal stabilizer is powered by an intelligent AI camera, which accurately recognizes gestures and movements without the need for a mobile app. Its anti-shake technology and 360° rotation features provide smooth, stable shots for stunningly clear video and photos, making it a great choice for selfie shooting and smartphone video recording.


Dual Axis Rotation


This Auto Face Tracking Camera Gimbal Stabilizer provides a simple and efficient way to take perfect shots and videos. It features a 360° rotation, pitch and 12° to 18° adjustment for smooth and precise tracking. Perfect for any smartphone shooting application, it's sure to elevate your content to the next level.


Ultra Strong Battery Life


This Auto Face Tracking Camera Gimbal Stabilizer offers anti-shake technology and 360° rotation for clear and stable photography. The large battery can sustain 15+ hours of use and is rechargeable via Type C interface. Perfect for capturing Selfies, Videos, and Smart Shooting.


Face Tracking
360 degree intelligent follow up ball head can accurately recognize faces through the front camera, and can intelligently follow, keeping the subject of the shot always on the character, making it more suitable for live streaming.


Easy Installation
Dual axis ball head supports devices up to 11 inches in size for use, with deepened grooves for better fixation. By placing the device.



Configured for(Adaption): SMARTPHONES
Folded Length (mm): 20
Material: Aluminum,PC
Support Remote Control: Yes
Communication: Selfie Sticks
Max Extened Length (mm): 84
Weight (g): 400