Multi-function Car Jump Starter Air Pump Tire Inflator Portable Battery Starter



 Multi-function device

The Car Jump Starter Air Pump Multi-function Air Compressor Convenient Tire Inflator Portable Battery Starter is the perfect choice for automotive emergency preparedness. This multi-function device quickly starts car batteries, tires and also offers emergency lighting. With its portable design, you can keep it always ready to be used in any situation. 

The operation is simple, easy to use, and meet your various inflation needs. 

 This convenient tire inflator and air compressor is equipped with a powerful battery starter, making it a multi-function tool for all kinds of car maintenance needs. Ideal for jump starting vehicles, it can quickly and easily inflate tires to the right pressure.


2X Faster Inflation
This portable Air Pump Tire Inflator provides a maximum pressure of 150 PSI and an airflow of 38L/Min, allowing you to quickly and easily inflate car tires. It takes only some minutes to inflate a tire from 0-36 PSI, and only 30 seconds to top off a tire in daily use.


Roadside Emergencies
This multi-function car jump starter air pump offers a convenient way to inflate tires and start your car. Featuring a powerful air compressor, robust battery, and automatic tire inflator, this jump starter is the ideal emergency power supply for your car.

No need to worry about over-inflating your tire.

This Car Battery Jump Starter is a powerful device designed to jump start a dead battery in a matter of seconds. It's small enough to fit in your glove box, yet packs enough power to jump start most cars, trucks, and boats. With its integrated safety protection, you can be sure you can get on the road again with peace of mind.


No battery version
This Air Pump Tire Inflator Portable requires no battery and works with the car's cigarette lighter to power up. Easily inflate car, bicycle and motorcycle tires with this quick and efficient device. The cable is 10.5ft lengthy enough to connect to a cigarette lighter jack and can come around


In addition, it has the function of emergency lighting

This car jump starter air pump is a multi-function air compressor with a convenient tire inflator and a portable battery starter. It also includes a unique emergency lighting feature for added safety. Achieve your desired tire pressure quickly and easily.



No need to worry about inflating in darkness anymore! The electric air pump comes with 3 modes of LED lights: flashlights, warning lights, and SOS lights. It makes it helpful for roadside emergency and nighttime use. 

  Easy To Carry
The Air Pump Tire Inflator Portable is the perfect solution for roadside emergencies. Its small and lightweight design makes it easily transportable, making it an essential part of any car's emergency kit. With a powerful motor, it can quickly inflate tires to the desired pressure with the press of a button.